Why Do I Want To Become Staff

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Why do I want to become staff... Why the fuck am I wasting an hour of my time on MY Sunday, to fill out an application that probably won't be accepted. I'm not active - hell I haven't even opened Minecraft in over 2 months. Now I'm sure as of right now most of you are actively typing "No" at the bottom of this page. "Improper Presentation" "Too Inactive" "Was removed from staff in the past". I'm not going to sit here and beg you for a position that I don't even deserve. I'm writing this application to see what you think. Am I fit to be a staff member?
In an average week, I waste 15 hours of my precious ass time playing FiveM based DOJRP. Last week I wasted 26. As a Staff Member, I don't "play" on a server. I moderate it. That's why I am …show more content…

That's what makes me a great staff member. I don't get why we have any tolerance for people who think they have any form of superiority over the staff members. You guys are here to help the community, and if they don't understand that, they don't have to be apart of it. In the General Lobby I've heard more people whine and bitch about the staff team as a whole. I'm not going to get ban happy, but I will make sure that if anyone thinks that they can talk down to me, they're going to have an issue.
I've been staff on here before. Most of you know that. Based off of my history here, I'm not the best candidate. I'm not going to ramble on about Fifty-Thousand different shitty servers that I was a "Moderator" for. For a week back in May, I was the infamous Administrator of Community Management. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. I had no idea what Community Management was or what the fuck they did. That's why I took the forced resignation after the whole "Transylvania" situation. I would consider being an Administrator again... but I don't think I have proven yet that I am suitable for that position.
I know what I'm doing. I don't mean to sound cocky; and no I'm not bluffing. I can handle a situation - and yes, I can take lead in one too. I want this community to be more enjoyable. I don't know how it could be done - and I definitely could not do it by myself. From being staff with you guys to being staff on FiveM communities - I have dealt

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