Essay about Why Do Juveniles Do Bad Things?

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There are many individual-level variables that can explain why juveniles become involved in delinquent acts. One important variable that plays a major role in this is the major affect that family context has on the role of child development. More specifically, the idea of child abuse comes into play that has always been researched and focused on as a major part as to why some juveniles become involved in delinquent acts. Child abuse involves important family characteristics that affect the growth of a child and will ultimately damage them both physically and mentally. If a child is damaged at a young age, then they way they think and perceive the world changes, especially if help is not given to them in their time of need. Child abuse is a …show more content…

With this problem of substance abuse, this will affect their state of mind even more and will cause them to act out and think differently than those children who have not been abused. All of these issues affect their mental state of mind and will ultimately affect their judgment and whether or not they become seriously involved in delinquent acts or not. To further discuss how child physical abuse plays a major role in juvenile delinquency, Kerig, Ward, Vanderzee, & Moeddel (2009) researched the traumas between juvenile offenders and how physical abuse affected their lives and caused them to be placed into correctional facilities. Kerig et al. (2009) stated that child physical abuse most commonly comes from a child’s caregiver. As this plays an important role in the outcome of a child’s mental state, it is important to realize that abuse in the home can have major negative impacts on a child’s mental state and will affect how they live their life and how they make the decisions, distinguishing between right and wrong. Kerig et al. (2009) state that child physical abuse can ultimately lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and will affect a child’s judgment and affect the course of their life. Included in this chronic trauma, children will result with symptoms such as guilt, impaired relationships, and disassociation. With these

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