Why Do Men Commit Crime So Much Recorded Crime?

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The purpose of this assignment will be to explain and understand why women don’t commit 50% of recorded crime and why men commit crime so much recorded crime. Also, why corporate companies are more likely to get away with crime more than conventional crimes. This essay will look at theories of gender crime and explain why male/females commit specific crimes. As well as the economic factor of geographical crime and poverty. The Home office statistics will be used to explain the difference between gender criminal activities and draw upon penal statistics. The word gender is often used to reflect sex and the distinction between sex, and biologically refers to the differences between sexes are socially constructed. Sociologist believe that gender have different social roles, identities and expectations which are encapsulated in construction of masculinity and femininity which transcend biologically to determine characteristics. For example, to be a man, husband, father or woman, wife or mother.. The penal system in England and Wales are overflowing with men whilst only 5% of women are incarcerated, and were serving 12 months or less, whilst men made up for 95% of the rest of the population in prison.
Females that commit crime was seen as invisible to society, as well as crimes of corporate crime. Women have a very different criminal conduct then men; women have the reduced rates for violent crimes like, homicide, serious violence and professional crimes. The majority of women

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