Why Do People Commit Crimes?

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It may sound simple but scientist and criminologist have struggled to answer this question. There is not a central reason that leads a person to engage in a criminal behavior but there are numerous of factors that contribute for one person to break the laws. Several theories have been analyzed and studied by criminologists but the criminal justice system not only relies in one theory why people commit crimes. I believe that the sociological, psychological and biological factors lead people to commit crimes. And that this factor plays such as important role in the offender life. At the beginning the theory of crimes was dominated by the church and the state they thought that people engage in criminal behavior because they were possessed. Therefore, people are not responsible for behavior or crimes, because they cannot control their behavior. They did not act by choice but by an evil possession or entity that lived inside; no free will. The demonology theory does not apply because today the members of the church are committing crimes. There has been many case the nuns became pregnant and the priests abused children. However, I consider that externals factor contribute to the breaking of laws. Factors such as poor parenting skills, society and your childhood development…

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