Why Do We Love The Tuohys?

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“Families don’t have to match. You don’t have to look like someone else to love them.” -Leigh Anne Tuohy. Michael Oher was walking down the road in the rain. He had just gotten kicked out of the place he was staying in and had no home or parents to go to. His mother lived in the “projects” and he did not want to go there. Luckily for him the Tuohys were driving down the street and spotted him on his lonesome in the rain. Leigh Anne told her husband to pull over. She asked if Michael had a place to go, at first he lied, but she insisted on him staying with them for the night. After that night Leigh Anne and Sean knew they had to help MIchael. They adopted Michael as their own and helped him with school and football. Michael loves the Tuohys so much and has a very good protective instinct which he uses a couple times during the movie. Michael soon gets really good at football and all the colleges want him. He has to get …show more content…

Michael had those instincts and he used them a couple times throughout the movie. When Michael first starts staying with the Tuohys Leigh Anne offers to buy him clothes because he had been wearing the same ones for a long time, but Michael tells her that he has more clothes at his mom’s house. When they arrive at the “sketchy” neighborhood full of gangsters Leigh Anne starts to get out of the vehicle, but Michael tells her to stay in the car. He locks the doors and goes to get his clothes. Michael knew that the neighborhood wasn’t a very secure place for Lee Anne to be and he didn't want her to get hurt. Another example is when Michael was driving in his brand new car with S.J. He was listening to music and didn't stop at a stop sign and his car and another collided. Since S.J was in the front seat the air bag could’ve killed him, but Michael thought fast and put his arm over S.J to protect

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