Why Do We Make Up The Myth?

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My claim is, is it true that humans only use 10% of their brain? No, we do not only use up to only 10% of our brain. It's a Myth, and because it is made up/not true. And to be honest nobody really knows how this theory came to be today. Because some people think its Albert Einstein, William James. The journalist Lowell Thomas spread the myth. Through out the years people stuck with the myth. Evidence that proves my research is, when the people who made this up was back in the 1800 when everybody basically made everything up. the myth says that journalist Lowell Thomas heard about the myth and then after that he spread it to everyone. Nobody knows exactly who made up the myth because many people say it was Albert Einstein or the Journalist. …show more content…

the reason is because when he invented all the other stuff during the time he was their everybody began to believe him with everything he came up with during his life time. every site I went to it either said its true or not true. When I was making my claim and story thing she asked me how much do we actually use out of our brain? the answer is that we use

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