Why Do We Need Mistakes In History

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People can learn from past mistakes to become better by teaching future generations about our world's history to prevent a repeat of similar experiences. Everyday we make mistakes, and we learn from them to become a better person. As a community, we have become almost numb and ‘used to’ the horrors of gun violence that top the daily headlines of the news. We must start asking ourselves , “what lessons can history teach us ?” How can we become more responsible citizens so that these tragedies at the hand of irresponsible gun users be stopped and we can live in less fear of where the next tragedy will occur?
There have been so many mass shootings on US soil since I’ve been born. I researched it and found out that in my 16 years of life there have been 37 mass shootings in the United States. All of them at the hands of some “unstable’ person who we often create a biography on in which they become a villain in our history or some misunderstood person that was the victim of bullying and a harsh society. After any horrific event, the media will …show more content…

In this book , by John Hersey, we are taken into the intimate moments directly after the bomb is dropped and what the effect is to thousands of innocent bystanders. Not one of these characters in the story had done anything to directly to require such harsh and horrific treatment. We as a individuals have very little to do with the reasonings behind the acts of war. The characters in the story look to themselves to help each other, try to find solutions that will help as may as possible. Take responsibilities into their own hands to try to do the greatest good. We can learn from acts such as these by asking some of the same questions as it comes to gun violence. What was the motive behind this act? Why would someone do this? How can this be avoided in the

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