Why Do We Should Embrace More Inclusive Education

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INCLUSIVE CLASSROOMS Researchers have shown that mainstreamed autistic students excel when compared to their isolated peers. The children’s language abilities and social skills increase. Also, mainstreamed autistic students have access to more qualified teachers. Classrooms should be more inclusive for the benefit of everyone. Children with disabilities positively affect other children and should therefore be included and embraced. Schools should support researched-backed inclusion policies that keep disabled students alongside their typically-developing peers. Researchers found that children with disabilities get a big boost in their language scores over the course of a year when they can interact with other children who have good language skills. After one year of preschool, children with disabilities had growing language skills comparable to children without disabilities when surrounded by highly skilled peers in their classroom (Grabmeier, 1). The biggest…show more content…
Teachers are somewhat more likely to have advanced degrees. However, because of personnel shortages nationwide, about 10% of special education personnel are not certified for the position they hold. Teachers in general classrooms are more likely to use a wider variety of teaching strategies to be effective. The most effective interventions for students with disabilities, whether in special education or general education settings, have employed intensive and reasonably individualized instruction, combined with careful, frequent monitoring of student progress. Average class size is larger (24 elementary, 21 high school) than in special education (15). When the classrooms size is bigger although there is less one on one instruction the students get better social skills. Also with the different teaching strategies brought into the classroom there wouldn't need to be as much one on one
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