Inclusive Learning in Practice

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Introduction This piece of work will firstly analyse the characteristics which influence the learning of a group of learners, review legislative requirements relating to inclusive practice and consider their implications. Then furthermore, it will describe what I consider to be the most significant barriers to learning for the adult learners that I teach, and include a discussion of what myself and Nacro have done to overcome these barriers. Lastly, this piece of work will describe the systems that Nacro have in place to monitor the effectiveness of inclusive practice within the centre and discuss how it can be monitored and evaluated to improve our own skills in inclusive practice. There are five key factors that influence the students …show more content…

However, practical elements to a programme such as art and sport, because they are vocational and less like classroom based activities, can motivate learners particularly if it is an area of interest. To be able to deliver effective and inclusive teaching sessions, where all individual characteristics are included. The place to start is with the teaching training cycle as it gives a basic framework that is flexible and adaptable. Identifying needs and planning, designing with planning, facilitating, assessing and evaluating. Review legislative requirements relating to inclusive practice and consider their implications An inclusive environment needs to be present within every part of the educational system. This will include government policy and legislation, curriculum support, the educational institution’s policy, support, technology and functionality and staff training. Government, LSC (Learning and Skills Council) and Nacro policy is passed down to the tutor for implementation within the classroom. This is the level at which a student will spend the majority of their time within the learning process. Therefore it is vital that there are sufficient opportunities for staff training to address new and current policies/ legislation. A good example is “Every Child Matters” which aims to improve the welfare and well-being of learners within all institutes

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