Why Do We Sleep? Essay

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“Why do we sleep?” is a very popular questions that many humans ask today. Sleep is very sufficient to the human body. If it was not important, then God would not have designed for a third of our life to be occupied by sleep. During this time period, many people are interested to know what is a good amount of sleep and what are the harmful effects to not getting enough sleep. The question “why do we sleep?” is a very difficult question to answer. One way to think about why sleep is important is looking at sleep as if it was food. Food helps us feel better and also helps the human body function properly.There are many different assumptions on why we sleep.The first is that sleeping allows the body to repair cells damaged by metabolic …show more content…

Some people can be fully energized off of 7 hours of sleep, while other may need 9 quality hours of sleep. Many other factors such as pregnancy,aging,previous sleep deprivation and sleep quality can also affect how many hours of sleep you need. In order to get the amount of sleep you need, you must make sleeping a priority! If an activity is interfering with your sleeping, then you should put that activity on pause. There are various negative effects to not getting enough sleep at night. Weight gain is one negative affect of not getting sleep. If you've been getting less the seven hours of sleep daily then you might notice you waistline expanding. The body has a hard time processing the protein leptin which regulates the metabolism. When your metabolism is slow and you food craving increases, it is very easy to gain weight. Not getting enough sleep can also cause stress. If you are up at night thinking about problems and different situations, you can get really mess up your sleeping habits and be even more stressed.Sleep deprivation can also cause you to have a weak immune system.If you can sleep, it is very possible for you to be catching illnesses such as a cold or the flu. Not getting the sleep, makes it tougher for you body to fight off bacteria and viruses. One of the worst cons of not getting enough sleep is impaired memory and brain function.Sleep deprivation can impair many functions of the brain, including how it processes information and how you think, make

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