Why Do We Use Portfolios As An Assessment?

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Why do we use portfolios as an assessment ? Student assessment portfolios promote positive student involvement. As students create their portfolios, they are actively involved in and reflecting on their own learning. This means that the teacher can individualize instruction for the student. Portfolios are a form of alternative/authentic assessment in which a student 's progress is measured over a period of time in various language learning contexts. Portfolios can include evidence of specific skills and other items at one particular time and language performance and progress over time, under different conditions, in all four modalities (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) or all three communication modes (interpersonal, …show more content…

Portfolios offer the teacher and student an in-depth knowledge of the student as a learner. This means that the teacher can individualize instruction for the student. Weak areas can be strengthened and areas of mastery built upon. Learners are involved in this process of tracking their learning and can take control of their learning. Using portfolios introduces students to an evaluation format with which they may need to become familiar as more schools and districts adopt portfolio assessment. Using assessment portfolios gives the teacher opportunities to involve parents in their children 's language learning. Parental involvement is an important factor in educational success. Benefits of writing portfolios Writing portfolios is an instructional strategy that uses an development of skill approach that provides students and teachers with evidence of progress, effectiveness of instruction and benefits of the writing program or curriculum. Assessments tend to have negative impacts on children who are English Language Learners and special needs. However writing portfolios is an instructional assessment tool that is less stressful and examines the whole child using an diverse learning approach. “Portfolios measure each student’s achievements and at the same time allowing individual differences between them”, (Popham). “Teachers are able to provide appropriate guidance and remedial activities”.

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