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The Learning Perspective The learning perspective what is it? This is the study of how exactly a person is effected through what they learn on a daily basis. Through family, their surroundings and behavior. The people who believe this line of thinking are called behaviorists. Many people look at the learning perspective in a suspiciouse manner not believeing or trusting any of the experiments. But there are many contributions and many limitations of the learning perspective. In the list of the contributions you will find all different types of positive aspects from the learning perspective. One is " The recognition that we all influence others and in turn are influenced by others everyday of our lives whether we know it or…show more content…
In this manner a learning approach gets rid of that circle pattern of thinking and tries to self defeat these behaviors. The third contribution is "A wide range of practical applications" you can apply the learning perspective to an everyday life. Whether at home at school at the work place anywhere. To adjust these life styles you can use something like goals by setting a specific goal, that is challenging but achievable, and in terms of what you want not avoiding what you don't want. This helps people to learn to change bad habits and take better care of themselves. The limitations are few but important. The first limitation that is listed is "Environmental Reductionism". This is the thought process that with the learning perspective anyone can be shaped in any type of environment. Another limitation is "The error of assuming that if something is learned it can easily be changed." This is really nott he case though. When a person is influenced by genetics then those behaviors may be changed slowly, but when a person is taught something over and over again and it is learned then this is almost impossible to change. For example when a person has an eating disorder like bulimia where they throw up every time they eat
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