Why Do You Think About The Feminist Movement

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1. Why do you think some people choose not to marry?
I believe some people are choosing not to marry because of several reasons. The first reason I believe women specifically are choosing not to marry is because of the feminist movement and the changing role of women in our society. Before the feminist movement most women were homemakers, and the role of women was to care for her family and home. Today, women are expected by society to succeed at education and in the workforce just as they are expected to be caring and loving mothers and homemakers. This idea of women having to succeed in all aspects can lead to many women deciding one or the other because doing both can seem impossible at times. The second reason I believe men and women are both choosing not to marry is because a desire of individual success over a desire to have a marriage and family. Many single adults are putting marriage on the backburner to climb the career ladder. Being responsible only for yourself can give you the ability to purchase material things you want. On the other hand, the financial responsibilities of marriage and families can keep people from having the ability to buy things they may want individually. The third reason I believe people are choosing not to marry is because of a fear of divorce. Many of the adults today in their 20’s and 30’s grew up in divorced families. When children grow up and experience the life of a divorce they can have fears and negative ideas about marriage and

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