Why Does Area 51 Exist

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Introduction Over the years, Area 51 has developed a very mysterious reputation and it is confirmed that Area 51 is in fact real because President Obama actually acknowledged it in one of his speeches, but nobody knows what for sure goes on inside the compound because the CIA is very secretive with all of its experiments, location, and how they keep all the different theories remaining a mystery. In this paper you will find some information about how Area 51 does exist, and learn about some of its experiments and what they actually use the compound for.

“It has taken almost 60 years, and the generation of enough myth to service a library of sci-fi novels. But finally the US government has admitted what any self-respecting conspiracy theorist …show more content…

“The President couldn’t resist the opportunity to joke about the decades of theories surrounding mysterious lights and aliens at the Nevada installation” (Miller, 2013, p.1). “Now, when you first become President, one of the questions that people ask you is what’s really going on in Area 51” (Miller, 2013, p.1). “When I wanted to know, I’d call Shirley MacLaine. I think I just became the first president to ever publicly mention Area 51. How’s that, Shirley?” (Miller, 2013, p.1). “According to The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance (2013), “The U-2 and OXCART Programs, 1954-1974, also gives new details about what the government was really doing out there - developing new types of military aircraft, many of them weird looking and unmanned - the secrecy around which fueled theories that, in some cases, helped mask what the Americans were really plotting in the deep desert” (Jonsson, 2013, p.1). “The area became notorious in America’s cultural mythology in 1989, as the cold war wrapped up, when a Las Vegas man who claimed to have worked at the facility told a fantastical tale about witnessing crashed alien space hardware” (Jonsson, 2013, p.1). “According to Patrik Jonsson (2013), The National Security Archives released a blockbuster CIA history that for the first time officially acknowledges the existence of “the facility at Groom Lake” (Jonsson, 2013,

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