Why Does The Story Of Abraham Fit Into The Genre Of Epic Literature?

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1.Why does the story of Abraham fit into the genre of epic literature? Abraham would fit very well in the genre of epic literature for many reasons. We can see that the story is about one character, Abraham and his family. God decides to test Abraham and put him through trials and tribulations. This shows that God is changing him to grow his faith and to prepare him for the plan he has for his future. In the story, God called upon him to lead a nation. He tells Abraham that he will bless him, his nation, his name and he will curse those who curse him. This shows that there is an implied future of one to be great and meaningful, one that is pleasing to God. Then we see in Genesis 15:1 God says, “Now look towards the heaven, and count the stars, if you are able to count then then. Then he said, so shall your descendants be.” This shows the grand scale of things and the bigger picture of what is to come.

2.Where does Dante's Inferno fit into your class description of hell? In the writing of Dante’s Inferno, hell is described to have a symmetrical and significant numerical makeup. He writes that “hell is divided into nine circles, each containing a different category of sinners and their own personal and proper punishment for what they have done.” Then it moves into the level of purgatory, claiming it only has nine levels as well. The last part described is heaven and the entrance to it, claiming that you had to go through hell to get to heaven. I have grown up with a

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