Why Doesn T Kroll A Habitable Planet?

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Why is Kroll a habitable planet. What makes Kroll habitable? The three things that make kroll habitable is where it is placed, vegetation, and water. Our planet Kroll was originally not inhabited until people from the planet Venus-Prime started to migrate to different inhabitable planets in our universe because Venice-Prime started to run out of natural supplies and many people were starting to die off. It took 105 years to find Kroll and when the people took their first steps on the planet, they realized how this planet had real potential and quickly started forming a plan that could help save their planet. However the people that stayed on Venice-prime died by the Klingons, so the people on Kroll decided that venice prime was beyond hope and they should stay and populate Kroll instead of going back and helping. The planet has oxygen but it did not have the oxygen level to sustain life for very long. So they designed special suits that would enable them to live long enough to plant trees that will raise the oxygen level that will make it possible to sustain life without the suits. For about 83 years the people had to wear the suits to help them breathe and after the 83 years had past the …show more content…

Their plan was to put artificial rings around the planet and build huge and amazing cities on them. With these rings kroll will not overpopulate for another 10 billion years. The government told everyone it would take about 112 years to finish the rings and at least half the cities and then another 40 years to build the rest of the cities. So it would take 152 years of building. They estimated that in 152 years the population on kroll will be up to at least 37.5 billion people. After about 60 years of building the planet funds started to run out of money to build things. After 10 years to find more money they could not found it anymore, and for 162 years the half built rings stayed put hoping they would someday be

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