Why Dogs Should Be On Leash

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The number one reason that our dogs should be on a leash?-It’s the law! No matter how well behaved they are. Even if your state doesn’t have a specific leash law, your city or county probably does. Breaking this law might not seem like a big deal until you have to explain why an animal control or police car is sitting in front of your house, and that would ruin your day. You are responsible for your dog’s actions. Your dog could bite, knock over, or injure someone, even on accident. A leash provides emergency control over your pet.

If you're walking a trail or down the road, it's important that you take other people into consideration. Some people don't like dogs, some are allergic, and some are afraid of them. This not only puts other people on edge, it also puts your dog in danger. Like all living things, humans are often at their most dangerous when they are afraid. Many online resources encourage people to carry pepper spray to prevent dog attacks. A lot of people just don’t know how to read a dog’s body language. They may spray your dog in the face in an attempt to protect themselves. The leash is there to protect your dog from the world as much as it’s there to protect the world from your dog! …show more content…

Unleashed dogs can cause car accidents when drivers try to avoid hitting a loose dog. If something goes wrong, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. Even if your dog is well behaved all of the time, you can’t control the world around them. An off-leash dog could wander into another animal’s territory provoking a fight. The law could judge that your dog be euthanized, even if your dog was provoked to

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