Why Engineers Should Be Ethical Politicians Essay

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Why engineers should be ethical politicians
The paramount idea I am advocating is this; the safety and health of the public are put at risk if the same kind of people keeps political power in the future. Consequently what I mean is a person with no engineering background or similar trades in positions of power chose not to act in the best interest of the public when their careers are on the line. [4] The world is changing at a blinding pace; the challenges of global warming, population growth, and rapidly advancing technology, are behemoth problems the general public needs help to tackle, and engineers to rise to their public duty. [6] Moreover I believe the threats to humanity will overwhelm the political structure we currently have unless engineers are at the helm to meet them and dislodge those in power. What made me believe this somewhat radical idea is there are several human-made disasters we have covered in the class discussion, caused by people with little to no engineering experience making engineering decisions and catastrophe and appealing resulting from those decisions. [7]
Moreover, a feature of these cases is only a few people are directly affected; while it’s a tragedy for people to lose their lives to the sizes of the disasters in these cases are small in scale. The disaster I wish to bring your attention to is on an enormous scale in which an entire city suffered. [4] The event in question is dubbed the Flint Water Crisis; it is a case where thousands of

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