Why Germany Lost the World War Two

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Why Germany Lost the World War 2 After WW I Germany had many economic and political problems that allowed Adolph Hitler to become ruler of Germany. After Hitler appointed himself chancellor he started rebuilding the German military. After years of no international response to breaking the Treaty of Versailles Germany attacked Poland. From 1939 to 1941 Germany had won many victories; however 1941 was a turning point in the war. By the end of 1941 Germany would continuously lose land to the allies with the exception of the Battle of the Bulge. The main reasons for Germany 's defeat were that they were fighting the war in too many fronts, poor leadership and the invasion of Russia. Firstly, Germany is surrounded by nations capable of …show more content…

The Japanese sent a group of planes from the air force to bomb a small port in America named Pearl Harbour. This fired the Americans up so much so that they joined the war to defeat Hitler. Deciding to attack Russia was a bad idea, as well as declaring war on the US. Both of these countries could substantially out produce Germany. Although Germany took the initiative both times, they may have had little choice. The United States would have entered the war one way or another due to the fact that Britain was their closest ally, and they could not sit and watch them be destroyed by Germany. Russia was planning on entering the war a few months after Germany attacked her anyway. [This view that the Soviet Union was preparing a pre-emptive strike against Germany is not widely accepted]. Hence even thought Germany was a powerful country over all, there were many things to work on which brought this country down. Germany lost the war because of many reasons but the main three would be fighting the war in too many fronts, poor leadership and the invasion of Russia. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. [ 2 ]. [ 3 ]. [ 4 ]. [ 5 ].

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