Why Ghouls Are Not Real

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Ghouls Are Not Real In Tokyo Ghoul the main character starts out as a human, living a typical Japanese high school life. For me I live a typical American teenager school life. He weirdly never has homework which is a perk I wish I had. But this kid lives in one messed up world. Its full of monsters called ghouls. The closest thing in this world that resembles a monster is the energy drink. In the world Kaneki lives in their is a lot more risk than reward for something as easy as going to school. Because I am living in a pretty calm neighborhood; danger wise it's the opposite. The protagonist got turned into a ghoul through a surgery. No one I know has changed into a different species. Being a ghoul where he lives is pretty hard. He has to look out for detectives. They are like exterminators but for ghouls. The ghouls are treated like a sort of animal in human skin. But when Kaneki meets them he sees that their feelings are indeed human. It's like the ghouls are a sort of misunderstood minority. Kaneki was an outcast before the operation as well. Since grade school, he would close off the world by reading books. “Books are nice, aren't they? With just one sentence you can get lost in all sorts of dreams. They way I think of it, literature allows the reader's consciousness too deeply relish the author and be closer to him. And so, we freely walk …show more content…

Coincidence? An accident? Fate? There's no such thing as fate. It's simply a combination of one circumstance and the next. And who is it that creates those circumstances?...It's you.”. This is how I see the world. When I make a big mistake these words are the last thing to cross my mind. But as a hypocritical individual, I see it necessary to tell others this when they make a big mistake and try to deny it. I could say this is human nature to believe that something isn’t your fault. To believe that this one inconvenience for me and my friends can’t possibly be my

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