The Role Of Ghouls And Their Effects On Society

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Humans use to think they the top of the food chains, but they really weren’t and never were.. It just wasn’t noticed till later in time.And, Who is above the humans? Ghouls. Creatures that lives only off human flesh. You would think people would run and hide but they didn’t. Why? Because the ghouls lived among them. The ghouls looked like ordinary humans beings, you could tell no difference at all until late at night in a dark alley..But some ghouls even trained themselves to be able to eat it to a certain point without messing up their digestive system. The only people who know how to recognize ghouls were the ghoul themselves. My name Tohru Sohma, I am17 years old, a freshman in college, no parents, and no tolerable family. And guess what? I’m a ghoul. Let me tell you, being a ghoul sucks. I don’t embrace it at all, unlike some. And I am sure you’re thinking don’t you have other ghouls that you know and can befriend? You would think that us, ghouls, would stick together and helping each other out, but no! I mean, there are certain Wards and ghouls that help out weaklings like me. Speaking of Wards and weaklings, I live in the 20th Ward, and work at a coffee shop called “:RE” with other ghouls, and those ghouls hunted and rationed out meat to the weaklings like me. While they hunted for the weak like me, I just served coffee and pastries. Touka, the manager, who is also a ghoul, said I have potential to be like them and help others and that’s why she hired and me, blah

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