Why Guns Should Be Banned Research Paper

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The gun laws are not the problem, it is the number of people not thinking while in possession of a firearm or intending to do harm to people with them. The one thing that we can do is make it where if a person buys multiple firearms within a certain amount of time that the person would be flagged and under watch more so than the way that they do now. This would help because if anyone is buying so many guns that are higher grade firearms than a sport or personal protection firearm they are more than likely to be up to something that is not good. Changing the laws will cause a huge mess and a costly one too. For there are already so many firearms out there in the country it is almost impossible to change and have the new laws implied to all the guns out in the country. We should not ban guns because it will be so hard to get rid of the ones that are already out there. There will be a huge cost in …show more content…

They will say it will prevent any more mass shootings, murders from guns, and all the gun violence altogether. Yes, banning guns would have ended all the mass shootings this would have only worked if firearms were banned from the start. All of these issues could have been stopped but only if the laws on guns and owning them were different from the very beginning. That is the only way to have kept all the guns from hurting people. There would still be the possibility of mass killings, murders, and violence people who are crazy enough to these things will find different ways to accomplish what is going on in their head. People are already not just using guns to try and hurt people, there have been incidents where there has been a car driven into crowds of people. The most recent one was on May 18th, when a car did a U-turn onto a sidewalk in Times Square killing one and hurting 22 (Shapiro). There have also been people who have left bombs in public crowds killing people this

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