Why I Am A Cold Bowl Of Mac And Cheese

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As I sat down to eat the cold bowl of Mac and Cheese that I had brought with me, my emotions boiled over as a horror which I wish upon no one came forth. Infuriated, my rage took control of me as I jumped out of my chair, forcibly tossing the only source of food I had disposable to me in the garbage. This climatic moment was initiated upon my discovery that there was a broken microwave in the Sawyer lounge and Suffolk University had yet to replace it. Yes, it seems trivial, even downright ridiculous to get that pent-up over a defunct microwave, but look at the scenario from my perspective. Imagine getting up at six in the morning for a nine A.M. class, anxious about all your assignments coming up, and having your last class finish at five forty-five P.M. I had wondered how many other commuter students had to suffer the same fate as I had to that day. All you want is a warm energizing meal, but the broken microwave prevents you from obtaining it.
See, what the incident stated above did is affirm my notion that Suffolk is not accommodating to its commuter students. Historically, Suffolk University was a commuter school. However, since 1996, Suffolk has opened four residence halls, the most recent being The Modern Theater Residence Hall, which opened in 2010. (Suffolk University) This has resulted in a shift in the school that saw 66.9% of the admitted freshmen class of 2015 live in the residence halls (Applications at el). Conversely, as the University has shifted towards the

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