Why I Am A Friend

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Today is Tuesday, February 21st. Around 4pm, me and a fellow band mate of mine were walking home from school talking about the rehearsal we had that day. We went to get some food at a nearby deli. When we were buying things, I noticed he was buying a that was $2. He asked me if I had a quarter and I gave him a dollar, telling him to keep it. We bought our stuff and went to the train station. I felt kind of bad because I didn’t know if I gave him the dollar out of goodwill or because it’d be easier to be friends with him. We only started talking a lot today compared to other days so I thought it’d be nice if we were friends. He thanked me for the dollar but I felt guilty for having an ulterior motive behind my action. But I feel like it’s …show more content…

He said ok, so I continued to push. After 2 blocks, I asked him if where we were was ok and he said yes. They both thanked me and I ran off to meet my mother. I felt pretty good knowing that the elderly man did not have to go through the hardships of pushing the wheelchair up the remaining hill and I’m happy to see them smile. It was a nice experience compared to the other two acts of kindness I did. I learned that it’s hard to determine what really constitutes as a true act of kindness. The act of kindnesses I performed always had some ulterior motives behind them, whether it be expecting something in return in the future or just satisfying myself because I did something good. But I feel that even though people who do kind deeds might have ulterior motives, the action is always appreciated no matter what and the sense of happiness from doing the deed is just an added extra.

A piece I listened to is the first movement of Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven. The piece has a melancholy feeling to it. The slow tempo and the repetition of the similar melodies provides a sense of calmness, yet despair. It’s as if somebody had lost everything and given up on life, sitting on his sofa chair in dark room while looking out a window as the moonlight creeps in. You can feel the despair Beethoven feels in every second of the piece. Beethoven had a disease that made him slowly go deaf as he aged. According to an article by Robert Traynor called

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