Why I Became A Gang Member

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Before I was a mathematics major, a tutor in college for math and physics, or even a high school graduate, I was a gang member. I belonged to a local street gang in my community since the age of fifteen. I have survived, seen, and done things that people only see in movies. I got involved with gangs at the young age of eleven. Growing up in my neighborhood I didn’t really have a choice I got raised into it, I became a product of my environment influenced by the streets.
At school in the classroom I was always a very intelligent person, a 4.0 student. However, during lunch time and after school I was a gang leader. My teachers knew it and never could understand why. They tried to give me advise but I never listened to anyone. I myself did not understand why I was a gang member. All I knew was people respected me and I was no longer a nerd people picked on.
I was known to be a violent and aggressive person, always looking for a fight in school. I felt invisible with my reputation people knew I knew how to box and wouldn’t mess with me. Along with the fellow gang members when I spoke they listened and no one was of the contrary. At home however, I was not of charge. My mom always seemed to be mad so I disliked to be home, I instead roamed the streets witch had made me the alpha.
I never knew what being a gangster would lead up to, never crossed my mind the change it would bring to my life so far it had only positive impacts. Girls thought I was cool for the first time and no…

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