Why I Been Learning English

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Have you ever wondered, "Why have I been learning English in school if I grew up speaking it?" It 's a question that crops up in most English language arts classes at some point. What 's your answer?

Here are a few typical ones you might hear.

You need to speak, read, and write correct English in order to be successful in society.
People will think you 're uneducated if you don 't know how to use English properly.
Using language effectively is an important part of using the gifts God has given you.
No doubt these answers get at important reasons for English classes. It is true that you should take every opportunity to glorify God by making wise use of His gifts, including language. It is also true that you need to read, write, speak, and …show more content…

After all, you know English so why are you learning it?

This section tries to answer this question by comparing the kind of English you grew up using with the kind of English you 're taught in school. In doing so, the section seeks to help you:

Understand the purpose and importance of learning Standard English.
Develop increased awareness of varieties of English and how you use language.
Connect effective language use to successful interaction in society.
Here is your goal for this lesson:

Recognize differences between natural acquisition of language and formal instruction in a language standard.

dialect a variety of a language spoken by members of a group defined by region, ethnicity, or social class holophrastic stage an early stage of natural language acquisition in which single words function as sentences idiom a phrase that functions much like a single word; the actual meaning may not be apparent from the surface meaning of the words jargon technical vocabulary associated with a specialized field of knowledge or profession natural language acquisition the normal process of learning a first language in infancy and childhood overgeneralization the tendency to apply a single rule of language whether or not the occasion requires it slang informal, sometimes controversial, "trendy" nonstandard language used by members of a particular group Standard English the varieties of spoken and written English receiving widespread acceptance among educated

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