1.08 Alternate Ending

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“Well,” Mrs. Johnson interrupted, “how about we settled down and talk about our plans for the morning?” Everyone agreed and sat in a circle discussing their ideas. Next, they decided they should head to bed due to the early times they would have to wake in the morning. As they woke up, they put on their layers of clothes, grabbed their bags, and headed for the Johnsons’ business. They would be staying in an attic, which luckily had a bathroom, but would have to sleep all in one room. They set up their belongings and set rules which they would have to follow to stay safe. “We cannot use water, flush the toilet, or make any noise during working hours. We also have to be careful about how much we use, and how much food we are consuming,” said Mr. Johnson. “That sounds fine with us,” everyone said in unison. For the next few months the two families would stay here, hiding from the Nazis, and hoping that they would not get caught. As the war waged on, the conditions of the attic became worse. Mrs. Johnson became very ill, and due to this, they needed supplies in order to keep her stable, which was difficult …show more content…

Bella woke up with a start, turning to the woman. “What? What’s going on?” she asked frantically, frightened by the woman's tone. “The gates,” she said, “They’re open! There’s a man in a tank out there, and he’s speaking through a loudspeaker.” With the news, Bella shook her brother telling him the information she had learned. They both stood up, running towards the gates. All Bella could make out were the words “liberated” and she couldn’t be more thankful. After months at a camp where she was hungry, tortured, and worked almost to death, she was free, and had made it out alive with no sickness or disease, which was a main cause of deaths at her camp. The two were able to travel back to Celle, returning to their home. “I can’t believe we are here,” John said to his sister, disbelief in his

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