Why I Don 't Like Jeremiah

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"STOP! We need to study" you giggle at your best friend since forever. He was trying to tickle you. You two were in your room lying on the bed. "Okay, okay, I 'll stop. Next paragraph." He said and started to read the page. Studying was always fun with Isaac. He read the characters in different voices to make it more interesting. But today, you just couldn 't focus on studying. You groan and slam your head into the bed in defeat. "And John-(y/n), something tells me you don 't really want to study tonight." He said with a little smile on his face. "I have a problem. Jeremiah asked me out today." You say into the bed. Isaac sits up. "That sounds great! Why would that be a problem?" He asks confused. You sit up and face him. "I don 't like Jeremiah." You say. "What? You 've always had a crush on him! Since like 7th grade." You shake your head. "I have but I also think I might like someone else. I don 't know for sure. I told him I would tell him by Friday." "Ooo, 2 days. You know you could always ask me for help." Isaac says. "Yeah I know. Do you want to watch a movie instead? I have our childhood favorite." You smirk. He looks at you and at the same time you both say "SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL!" You and Isaac head downstairs and put on the movie. You guys get in your usual movie watching position - his arm around you and your head on his chest. As you watch the movie, Isaac 's phone keeps on going off. "Isaac! Silence that stupid thing!" You say. He laughs. "Sorry
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