Why I Should Become A Physician Assistant

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Most of my life I was consumed with the sport of gymnastics. I remember the rush I would get as it was my turn to compete in front of the cheering crowd. In those moments nothing else mattered; just me, the chalk on my calloused hands and the equipment in front of me. I have competed in gymnastics ever since I was five years old. I spent six days a week in the gym practicing all year round and even volunteered part of my time to a community program teaching gymnastics to children. Gymnastics had a tremendous role in shaping me into the person I am today and it is what also lead me to want to become a Physician Assistant. Over the many years I’ve spent doing gymnastics, I’ve become a determined and motivated individual. Always striving to do better in everything I do whether it 's in my routines or raising my grades on every exam. Because in gymnastics to be the best it not only takes having the routine with the most difficulty, but being able to perform those skills with precision which takes endless practice and repetition. First or second place could be set apart by a hundredth of a tenth based on even the smallest imperfection such as a foot not being pointed. Although gymnastics is thought of as an individual sport it has taught me the importance of working as a team. How well your team places depends on you and your teammates score; so you want to be able to do what you can to see your teammates succeed, whether it is being there for them to help tweak their technique
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