Why I Want To Be A Husky

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If I could have any kind of pet I wanted, it would be a Husky, here are just some of the reasons I would get a husky.

I grew up with a husky as a pet, He was a very big dog, very smart, he loved to go on walks, and show off how he could get out of the yard, but only to show us where he could get out at, he loved to play fetch, chase my friends and I, sometimes he would even jump in the pool.

They are friendly, the husky I had would allow me to lay down next to him, and even use him as a pillow sometimes, he would always be willing to let you pet him at any time, he did have a very loud bark but he was nothing more then a big puppy.

They are very protective, when I was growing up our dog knew to get in-between people and growl when there

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