Dogs Rule, Cats Drool

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Dogs are happy to see you no matter what kind of mood you’re in. Everyday when I come home from school my dog, Nemo, is there to greet me at the door by jumping on me and licking my face. I could’ve had an amazing, miserable, tired, or content day and the jumping still continues. Canines are loyal friends and the relationship between dogs and humans goes way back. Dogs are better than cats because they assist humans and show more affection.
Dogs have been domesticated for as long as 135,000 years which makes cats seem fairly new to the household. Both dogs and cats were originally used for reasons that benefited human work. Now- a-days, dogs are far more useful with job skills. When I was little, I used to live outside. Not literally, but just in the sense that I was an outdoors kind of child. I enjoyed helping my dad with household projects and was ecstatic when I found out he would build a tree house for me. While he built the major part of it with dangerous equipment, I put myself in charge of collecting sticks to try and “help” my father put it together. Sooner or later, Nemo, my dog, was running back and forth with sticks in his mouth helping me collect what I needed.
Canines have the ability to serve as seeing-eye dogs, firedogs, service dogs or just a playful, loyal companion. The closer the dog and human’s relationship is, the stronger the feelings between them are. Canines have a talent of recognizing dangerous situation and being there for humans in their time of
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