Why I Want To Be A Racist

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I have always had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to become when I grew up. When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be a journalist or an author. I was writing poetry at the age of 10 and I devoted the summer of the year I turned 13 reading everything Maya Angelou had ever written. The writing bug had gotten to me and I just knew that was what I wanted to be when I grew up. Once my mother discovered my poetry and made me read it aloud to the family; I became incredibly self-conscious and began to shield my work. As I grew into my teens I played with the idea of being a doctor, but my lack of mathematical prowess and the notion of spending eight years in school deterred me. I always imagined myself close to completing medical school and then waking up one day and deciding that being a doctor was not what I wanted to pursue anymore. Eight years and thousands of dollars down the drain.
The military was just right for me because I could take my time deciding …show more content…

When people are able to pursue their passion they are internally happy. I believe this is different than just being skilled at something. I have been decent at lots of things throughout my life, but those things did not give me gratification.
When I finished my Bachelor’s Degree, my diploma came in the mail and when I opened it I cried. I was sad because, it made me realize that pursuing my degree was my family’s goal for me and now that it was complete, I still had no idea what my passion was. Somehow, I had convinced myself that once I had achieved that milestone, it would all just make sense. As if my Bachelor’s degree was my golden ticket, however; that was not the case. Today, I am still in search of my passion, but since I believe I will find it. I am able to take more chances and consider new endeavors in pursuit of my God given

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