Why I Want To Choose Iowa

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The reason I picked Iowa is because I have been there before and I thought it would be fun to learn more about this state before I go back there again. The Mississippi River passes through Iowa. There is good fishing and good hunting in Iowa. The Mississippi River can get very warm , but it is dirty. Iowa has several little towns with schools that have a elementary school and a high school. The State of Iowa has corn fields all over the place. They grow on the side of the highways and in the woods. I like learning about Iowa and like to go there all of the time for my summer breaks.

State Capital
The state capitol of Iowa is the city of Des Moines. The inside of Iowa capitol building is on the most ornate in the nation. The capital was in …show more content…

They are located in Des Moines Iowa Davenport. The Iowa Wild used to be known as Houston Aeros. Iowa Wild is an American Hockey League. Iowa Wild is the second AHL team to call Des Moines their home.

State Bird
The State bird is the American Goldfinch. “Also known as the american goldfinch or Wild Canary”. ( is their state bird because it is oftenly there throughout the winter. This bird has a orange beak. The female is a dull yellow brown. It flys 20 miles every day.

Iowa Nickname
The Hawkeye State is the Iowa nickname. The nickname was given in 1838. “Iowa is called the Hawkeye state as a tribute to Chief Black Hawk.” ( It was also Black Sparrow Hawk. Iowa became a state in 1846 that is when they get their nickname.

Iowa State Fish
“Channel Catfish is North America's most numerous catfish species.” ( This fish has a size of 40-50 pounds. The world record channel catfish weighed 58 pounds that is the biggest catfish ever held record. This fish is a bottom feeder. This fish was founded in watauga …show more content…

The acorns on this tree are the largest of any North American Oak. In the fall it is a really bright orange. Sometimes American black bears get the acorns for food. Turkey’s in the wild also eat off of the Bur Oak tree.

Iowa State Stone
The state stone is the Geode. “Geode is shaped like the earth with a hard outer shell that when cut reveals a core of sparkling mineral crystals.”( The Geode is a rock/stone made to a bridge. The Geode was officially the state rock in 1967. Southeastern is the best Geode hunting ever in Iowa.

Famous Person From Iowa
The famous person is Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins is the number 11 wrestler in his career. Seth Rollins was the first person to cash in money in the bank in 2015. Seth Rollins was the first NXT championship. “On a good day I weigh 205 pounds.” ('s height is 6 foot 1 inch.

Iowa’s Famous Landmark
Iowa's famous landmark is Sweeney's House of Clocks. No matter how many clocks collected they are still going to die. All of the clocks get there by a really big semi that was 300 feet long. This clock landmark is now a museum. The last Sweeney brother died in the

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