Why I Want To Pursue A Career As A Nursing Student

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I began preparing for enrollment in the Associate Degree in Nursing Program at Hartnell College in 2012 when I earned an associate degree from Cabrillo College. After completing the nursing prerequisites, I also attained a bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University. As a result, I developed strong communication and time management skills, which helped me succeed as a student. In addition, volunteering at Watsonville Community Hospital, Meals on Wheels, Coastal Women’s Healthcare and being employed at Surgical Associates of Monterey Bay gave me the opportunity to take care of people of all ages. I excelled at taking medical histories, measuring vital signs, removing sutures and more. Thus, my volunteer, work, and shadowing experiences trained me with a solid foundation of nursing.…show more content…
I immediately registered for the TEAS VI since practice makes perfect. Taking the practice tests made me identify areas where I am weak and fix it before the real exam. As a first generation college student nursing school can be challenging, therefore I have built my support network. I asked my family and loved ones for their help and patience in advance and they have supported me ever since. Plus, I organized myself financially by establishing a budget and avoiding big expenditures. All in all, I feel well prepared for the registered nursing program and know that I will be
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