Why I Want to Be a Business Analysis

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While working as a research intern with Tata Institute of Social Sciences in a village in India, I undertook a study on the application of technology to bring about positive changes in the life of rural population. We worked to understand the problems which the villagers faced and then suggested solutions which leveraged the information technology. As a part of this study, I was surprised to see the widespread impact of the solutions we suggested to them. It was thrilling to see the impact of our suggestions within the scope of such a small-scale project. This was my first experience as a consultant and it infused in me a desire to be one. It has since got me excited to think of the impact created by Business Analysts,Business Consultants, Technology Consultants and Product Managers towards corporate strategies and the future road-maps being modeled through their innovations. At this stage in my career wherein I posses technical proficiency, I feel the need to widen my horizon of knowledge to understand the business processes and bottlenecks involved along with the process of designing software solutions to resolve them. My five and a half years of experience within the industry has infused more enthusiasm in me towards these roles.The analytical and creative process of reviewing the business problems, innovating and designing the technology solutions that will help achieve efficiency and productivity improvements in business processes along with managing the

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