Why I Interested Pursuing Pursue A Business Degree Essay

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I am interested in pursuing a degree in business because there are a variety of job opportunities within the field. My parents also owned their own business, which was the main reason I wanted to pursue a business degree. I was inspired by their work ethics, and how they overcame their struggles and obtained success within their business and recognition in society. Originally, my major was in management. However, I have recently become more interested in an ISOM major after attending an Ask the Professionals event. This is because ISOM combines both business skills and IT skills to give you a unique skill set that is highly sought after in the current job market. My ideal job upon graduation would be working in a company like Freddie Mac where I can utilize my knowledge and work within a team setting. Industry Skills Requirements

The common professional skills necessary to succeed in the business world include speaking skill, writing skill, and problem solving skills. Speaking skills are important because they are necessary to convey your thoughts and can even be used to persuade other such as managers and other coworkers. Writing skills allow you to correspond effectively with others in a concise and efficient way through emails or memos which are commonly used in a business setting. Problems solving skills are necessary within a business because you may face ethical challenges or conflicts with other coworkers which require problem solving capabilities. ISOM

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