Essay on Why I Want to Study Physical Therapy

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A degree in human biology qualifies a person for a variety of jobs. This degree provides a foundation to pursue veterinary, dental, or medical school paths, in addition to positions in research and development, laboratory testing, instruction, production, and quality control. Human biology provides a broad base from which to draw upon. The occupation that interests me the most is physical therapy. Physical therapy interested me ever since I began getting involved in gyms. My first encounter with a trainer at a gym was when I got trained for an hour for a baseball camp to help protect your rotator cuff, that was the moment I realized I wouldn’t mind having a job similar to what the trainer had. I wanted a job where I could help people …show more content…

With every job comes different amounts of pay. In my opinion, PT’s are no downfall in the payroll. Another bonus to being a PT is that in a way, you determine your pay by how you treat your patients. If your patients are treated well you will have repeat business, and with repeat business comes more work, and more pay to follow. Physical therapists have a salary range between $54,000 and $110,000 according to 2011 statistics. That's more than registered nurses and occupational therapists. PT’s average $78,270.00, as occupational therapy averages $74,000 and massage therapists a whopping $36,000. The highest paid in the physical therapist profession work is in the metropolitan areas of Texas, in El Paso and McAllen pay well. and Fairbanks, AK. Fairbanks in Arkansas and Sioux City in Iowa are great paying cities too. The most interesting part of the job to me was that it had such a positive outlook on job growth. Employment of physical therapists is expected to increase 39 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for physical therapy services will come, in large part, from the aging baby boomers, who are staying active later in life than previous generations did. I consider this to be perfect timing with my graduation being in the prime of the growth in this occupation. The setting of physical therapy can vary greatly as well,

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