Why I Was The Teacher Unhappy?

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My middle daughter came home in the 9th grade, crying because her teacher was unhappy with her. Why was the teacher unhappy? Because my 14-year-old daughter did not know what she what she planned to major in when she went to college. What the heck? I was (at the time) 38-years-old and didn 't know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. How on earth is a 14-year-old supposed to know that? Three years later she came home angry (progress, I think) because her counselor was pushing her towards a $38,000 a year college, rather than the $11,000 a year college that she had chosen. Because she felt that her counselor was not terribly bright, she did the math for him. The $38,000 a year college had offered her an $18,000 a year scholarship, …show more content…

We made too much money to qualify for any sort of help - such as college grants - but way too little money to pay for three kids to go to college. And I do not believe that any parent should be paying their children 's college debts until they are ready to retire. How the heck is that an investment for us? Anyway - back to my daughter 's venting. "You can 't believe how many of my friends are jumping into these high-dollar schools! And their parents aren 't any better off than you and dad! How the heck are they going to pay for that? Do they know something that I don 't?" So here 's the thing. My daughter - much like her older sister, and her younger sister to follow - would have dearly loved to attend one of the more expensive colleges. Lovely campuses, smaller class sizes - and they could have lived in the dorms, rather than commuting to save some money. I could not, in all good conscience, encourage this. That money, the seemingly magical student loan, has to be repaid. I do not know why so many children and their parents alike do not seem to grasp that concept. So now daughter #1 is 23. She, much like her younger sister, kept her student debt to an absolute dull roar. Most of her friends, on the other hand, did not. And now she 's seeing the benefit. Her friends are crying the 'how the heck am I supposed to pay all that back? ' blues. Their four-year degrees, in many instances, do not

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