Why Irina Longs For A Life Of Hard Work

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One moment that particularly stood out to audience members during the play would have to be where Irina longs for a life of hard work and earning a living rather than her privileged ways of having no commitments or responsibilities. Not many individuals can relate to the idea of wanting to live a work-filled life, and those who reside in the upper class do not share this idea. However, Irina is separating herself from the regular members of the aristocratic class by saying that she wants to do an honest day’s work instead of having everything in life handed to her on a silver platter. This moment in time relates to the plot of the play because even though these three sisters have been pushed out of the aristocratic class because of the …show more content…

As the stage is illuminated, there is a bit of whimsy and wonder felt by the audience because they feel as if they are transplanted in the forest in the middle of a crisp fall day. However, as the scene progresses, the audience begins to recognize the death, despair, and change that surrounds this season as each sister recognizes her fate. The Baron leaves Irina to participate in a duel for her hand against Solyony. In the final moments of the play, Irina finds out that he has been killed and does not know how she will carry on in a new city with her new job without him. Olga has received the job of headmistress at the school but does not fully know how she will deal with the stress of the new position and must relinquish the idea of ever returning to Moscow. Masha must let Vershinin go even though their affair was the first taste of love and happiness she had ever felt. She must also come to the realization that this love is lost, the affair is over, and she must be with her husband for the rest of her life. After these events transpire, the sisters fall to the ground, feeling as if everything they have has been taken away from them. However, Olga uses this last scene as a final revelation that the sisters must carry on and live life to its fullest. This final scene is the resolution to the entire plot of the play. The sisters continually struggle throughout the scenes to persevere and live because they become exasperated by the events

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