Why Is Donald Trump Controversial

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The election of Donald Trump has been very controversial. People have very different views on Trump being president. Some American’s think positively of him and some people think negatively of him. Despite what you think about Donald Trump, his presidency is going to impact your life in some way. Donald Trump’s policies are going to impact my life because of his immigration stance, his tax proposals, and his view on gun laws.
Donald Trump’s immigration stance is going to negatively impact the lives of my friends. Trump plans to build a border wall and deport all illegal aliens. This will impact some of my friends because members of their family could get deported. It was stated that, “the Republican has stood by his call to build an impenetrable wall along the 2,000-plus-mile US-Mexico border” ( Donald Trump plans to deport 11 million illegal aliens from the United States. Critics call his plan, “unaffordable and unrealistic” (, but he refuses to drop his stance.
Donald Trump’s tax proposals are going to positively impact the lives of my family. Trump plans to reduce the number of tax brackets for working, middle class American citizens. Donald Trump’s plans include, “reducing the number of tax brackets from seven to three, cutting corporate taxes, eliminating the estate tax and increasing the standard deduction for …show more content…

Trump thinks that citizens should have the right to carry a concealed weapon. I will not feel safe with people carrying guns because the wrong person could get a hold of one and something bad could happen. Donald Trump stated that he wants to, “empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves” ( If everyone is allowed to defend themselves with a lethal weapon, America will no longer be a safe place. Donald Trump says that all good, honest citizens should have the right to carry, however good, honest citizens aren’t the only people that live in the

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