Why Is Gun Control Should Be Banned

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For many years in America, people have often debated on the issue of gun control. Some individuals want guns banned because of the belief that it will prevent gun violence, such as mass shootings. In the US during 2015 alone there were 372 mass shootings, with the number of lost souls numbering 475 while wounding 1,870. In that same year, there were 64 school shootings, miraculously there was no casualties (BBC, 2016). Each year, over thirty three thousand people are shot and killed (FiveThirtyEight, 2017). However, these are the threats people face today. Everytown research estimated that two thirds (or 62 percent) of firearms deaths are by suicide (Everytown Research, 2017). Gun control is one of the main topic that has been continually …show more content…

Opponents of gun control believe that having a gun beside them will help keep them safer and potentially save their life one day. Gun control laws are need for womans especially, to help keep them safe from stalkers and domestic abusers. Additionally, opponents of gun control fear that not having guns could one day affect them and their loved ones and leave them helpless against someone with a weapon that could kill or threaten their lives. On the other hand, Proponents of gun control believe that having guns could give rise to more crimes and violence. The opposition thinks that the Second Amendment gives them not only the opportunity to own gun but the right to as well. They believe that not having guns can make our environment much safer. Research and anecdotal evidence shows that both these effective claims are correct in the right situations but those situations don't always happen. So the question becomes what happens in those wrong situations? We all know that the safety of ourselves and our loved ones should be a top priority as human beings, but the methods we use to ensure that must be the correct one. A research about the issue of gun control shows the two different views about guns in America, one supporting gun control and the other opposing

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