Why Is Healthcare Important? Healthcare?

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Why is Healthcare Important? Healthcare is amongst the one of the basic necessity’s required by an individual to stay fit in this world. It’s vital to ensure a healthy body as it leads to a healthy environment which will eventually lead to a healthy nation. To reach to their full potential, one should try to stay healthy and this can be achieved by having regular checkups, easier access to medical care if sick or injured in order to prevent further serious illness and, routinely vision and dental examinations. No one intends to get sick or hurt but everyone needs medical care at some point in their lives but since the recent escalating costs sadly not everyone can afford the required basic treatment, thus affecting them and the nation in the long run. US has state of the art medical care available but since the past 3 decades this country has faced a 60% price hike in the healthcare department forcing people who can’t afford it to either just wait their injuries or illness out, try cheaper home remedies and treatments noticeably not as effective, or borrow an enormous loan to pay the hospital bills and stay in forever debt affecting the quality of life and everyone surrounding the individual. Over the next few decades the prices are expected to rise up by 7% according to the recent surveys being conducted. The progression in spending is being encouraged by multiple factors such as paying higher prices for medical services due to the greed for profits, Introduction of new
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