Why Is Iceland A Developed Country

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There are many factors that contribute to showing that Iceland is a developed country. Everything must be taken into account when deciding whether or not Iceland is a developed country due to the fact that just one set of information does not say everything. Because this is the case one must view all sets of data in the demographic, infrastructure and economic sections in order to be able to determine where Iceland stands. Iceland is a unique country that has good standards of living, healthcare and sanitation which will soon be evident after one reads about the data that was collected. After all of the statistics are viewed in the three sections, one will know that Iceland is a developed country. Demographics plays a large role in demonstrating …show more content…

Many sets of data were able to show how Iceland was a developed country; however, only three were chosen to be written about. The first set of data was the literacy rate which for Iceland is 99%. (“Iceland Literacy.”) The literacy rate is a percentage of people who can read and write within a country. With a very high literacy rate it shows that the people in Iceland are extremely educated. Due to the fact that it is so high it shows that Iceland has good education programs with good methods of providing an education to many. A high literacy rate is needed for a developed country because it shows how the country is educated and that the people will know how to handle tough decisions in a wise way. Another set that was analysed was the physicians per capita. Physicians per capita is the number of physicians in an area per 1,000 people. Iceland has 3.48 physicians per 1,000 people. (“Europe: Iceland.”) With Iceland only a little bit ahead of the U.S. (1.03 physicians) it is a good reference to show that Iceland has a good amount of physicians needed for the population. Iceland has a good amount of physicians per capita meaning they have enough people to have a good healthcare system. Without a decent amount of physicians a country would not be able to have a good health care system because there would not be enough people to help others. Finally the last set of data was phones (land/ cell) per capita. …show more content…

Now that all of the sets of data have been viewed together has a whole there is no doubt that Iceland could be anything but a developed country. Iceland is a country with good sanitation, health care and standards of living as seen by all of the data. The demographic, infrastructure and economic sections have all shown that Iceland is not only developed but it is also extremely put together. Iceland is able to provide a great deal of things for the people living there by also creating a safe, active environment. One can now evidently see that Iceland is a developed

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