Why Is It Difficult To Stand Up

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For some reason many people are afraid to stand up for others. They think, “If I try to help I will just make it worse” or “I could get myself into trouble.” Instead of standing up they avoid the problem, like it’s not even happening. These people are just as guilty as the person doing the evil. Unfortunately, this happens to many people. Most of us have had a time in our life where we’ve been afraid to stand up for someone, especially in a situation where we could be put in danger. It’s also difficult to stand up when you’re standing alone. Just because this happens to many people doesn’t make it okay though. If you are in a situation where something is not right, you can’t just ignore it. If you don’t take action you are just as guilty. You …show more content…

At first glance you may have thought it wasn’t a big deal, the older kid was just calling him a few names. In the back of your head you knew it was wrong and it needed to be stopped. You may never know it, but you saved this boy’s life just by your one “small” action. You may have never guessed there was so much more to the story. Many people underestimate evil. They try to make it seem not as bad as it really is, just so they don’t have to get involved. In “Thirteen Reasons Why," the scene where Hannah and Marcus are at Rosie’s relates to this greatly. At Rosie’s, Marcus was touching Hannah in way that was unwanted. She didn’t approve of what he was doing, but didn’t know what to do so she looked to others for help. Everyone at the ice cream shop avoided the situation. Hannah would look them in the eyes, begging for someone to stand up for her, but they would just quickly look away. (Asher, 142-143 ) As we all know Hannah commits suicide later in her life and this instance didn’t help her with what was going on in with her physiologically. Maybe if someone had helped her at Rosie’s she wouldn’t have felt so alone. Hannah’s situation is great example of how ignoring evil is just as bad as doing

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