Why Is It Important To Throw That Away

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Have you ever seen something old and think that its trash but it’s important to someone else? Well there’s someone out there that knows what I’m talking about when I say that. When you think about it there’s tons of stuff that’s important to people but everybody else thinks that it just needs to be thrown away. Like when you see an old pillow that someone has you’d probably think, “that person needs to throw that away.” This essay is about something my cousin has that is really old and why it’s important to him. My cousin has an old war uniform from what I think is World War 2. It was given to him by his grandpa a few years ago. He has kept it for some time despite his mom telling him to throw it away since it took up space in his closet. …show more content…

One obvious change is how much it’s gotten torn from his dogs playing with it so much. Another obvious one is that the color has faded from green to greyish green. It has also become tattered since it is never washed even though his mother is a clean freak. He always listens to his grandpas war stories his favorite is when his grandpa cussed out his teammate for not going to some sort of practice.
I don’t really know why it’s important to him but I think it’s because he wants to be a solder when he grows up. Also he says that he will try to earn as many badges as his grandpa did while he was active. He watches a lot of war shows whenever he gets the chance to. He says that he will where the uniform when he goes to boot camp but i told him that he will get yelled at a lot more than he would he normally. He goes with his grandpa to sea lot of war movies at his place and sometimes spends the night. To conclude this he has a uniform that is important to him. The uniform is from World War 2 and was given to him by his grandpa. The uniform is old, torn, tattered, and faded. It’s really important to him and gives him motivation to be a solder one day. Next time you someone with something old and think “that person just needs to throw that away,” tell yourself “I wonder why he has it and is it important to

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