Why Is It Important To Vote Essay

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“Give Me liberty, or give me death!” These words were spoken by late Governor Patrick Henry, a man who understood the meaning of liberty (source). Liberty is what defines our United States. It is the responsibility of we the people to protect our liberty. We protect ourselves by choosing our own leader, not a king or a ruler, but a President. President, is a title concluded by the founding fathers of America. This title represents the chief has been elected by us the people. Electing a president is a responsibility of each citizen of the United States. We must all vote to elect the president that stands for us as a nation. The votes are first cast by each citizen known as the popular vote, later the electoral college votes in concord with the …show more content…

Those who want to vote must be a citizen whom is over eighteen, and meets the eligibility guidelines. Guidelines may change depending on the state you are located in. There are many places where one can register to vote such as the local DMV. Registration is mandatory to cast your vote on the ballot. A ballot is used to cast your votes on.
Poles are locations where registered voters may vote. As a voter, you are choosing the candidate who wins the popular vote. The popular vote is a count of each individual vote. This The candidate who receives most votes wins the popular vote. These votes are then given to the electoral college.
The electoral college cast the formal vote, in agreement with their state. Although, the electoral college usually votes with the majority they may vote for any candidate they choose. The individuals of the electoral college represent each state. 100 Senators, 435 state representatives, and 3 votes for the District of Columbia, make up the electoral college. The 435 votes consist of 3 for each state, and the rest are in ratio to the population.
The overall voting process is only 3 steps. Starting with you becoming a registered voter, the population voting, and the then the electoral college voting. This 3 step processes insures the votes are aligned with each state’s needs in electing the

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