Why Is Leonardo Da Vinci Considered A Renaissance Man

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Leonardo da Vinci was an excellent musician, painter, inventor, and student of all many areas as scientific which that he made a real man with different quality and abilities in his time. In the book written by Gabriel Seailles, says, ´´Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 on the right bank of the Arno in the town of Vinci between Florence and Pisa. His father was Ser Piero and his mother was a young peasant girl named Catarina.´´ (2). Leonardo da Vinci did an important role in the history of France. In the biography of Leonardo da Vinci, it is going to talk about the childhood, the beginnings to be the successful Renaissance man, and his final years of working in different areas. On the first paragraph presents the childhood of Leonardo da Vinci. According to this website, ´´Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452, on a farm in the middle of the rolling hills of Tuscany in the town of Anchiano, in present-day Italy´´ ( 3). Leonardo da Vinci son of a relationship outside marriage, raised by his father and his stepmother was raised by family and grandparents on a farm owned by the family of his father near the town of Vinci. He was a young man which did not receive much education, but his talent…show more content…
This work of art is captivating for its mysterious smile. Leonardo da Vinci used his great techniques sfumato to highlight the beauty of the Mona Lisa, along with own using selected to highlight the landscape materials, clothing, fur and all your texture ideas, to contrast the lights and shades . In this work we can realize that Leonardo da Vinci used his eyes to his splendor observing the landscape of nature and peaceful atmosphere. For many it is the best work of art made by
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