Why Is Literacy Important To Me?

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What does literacy mean? Literacy means something that you can do and familiar with it. Life has been an interesting journey for me. If my life were a book, the major highlight would be when I realized that I wanted to venture into literature and more specifically write in the Arabic language. My colleagues less appreciate the route I sought to pursue, but I chose it either way. There have been a lot of exciting milestones that have propelled me to what I am today despite my humble beginnings. This essay will narrate my journey and more specifically, my interest in writing in Arabic.

My passion for writing began way back when I was a child. Growing up in simple life and family, we did not get many luxuries in ours life. There were limited options that were available to me as a child and as such, I found solace in literature. Reading became part of me, and I could end up adopting …show more content…

It is worth noting that Arabic has over the years reduced into just a language, which is used to write literature about religion and other formal speeches. It is no longer any community’s native language. In fact, it is now viewed as a collection of dialects, which refer to separate languages. In essence, the Arabic that is spoken in Morocco is totally different from what is used in Egypt. Therefore, writing in Arabic requires a mastery of language and how it is used in various regions of the world. Looking at it, writing in Arabic is one of the best decisions that I ever made in life as it presents me with the opportunity to understand the different dialects that make up the language and its continued evolution.In fact, the Arabic language is one of the difficult languages in the world. It is now clear that given a chance I would pursue the same route. Further, I am convinced that as long as I am alive, nothing is impossible under the sun. I can become anything I want to be. Also, I learned that nothing impossible and

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