Why Is Marriage Viewed More Negatively Today?

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After reading chapter five on the topic of Cohabitation, I was left with a variety of thoughts and questions on the topic and was mostly just trying to sift through my own personal beliefs, the information that we have been presented in this chapter, and the variety of different research studies that have been done on the topic. The question I decided to pursue for my thought paper was relatively broad, but yet something that I couldn’t seem to stop asking my self, which was: “Why is marriage viewed more negatively today?” and often as a second choice following cohabitation?”
When thinking about this question many different answers came to mind. Automatically, I referred to the concept of divorce and how prevalent that has become since the creation and implementation of the Divorce Act. When there was a drastic increase in the amount of divorce, I believe people growing up and watching this unfold could have been hesitant that this would have happened to them if they were to proceed with marriage, therefore, decided to avoid the potential heart break, expense, and drama and look to different types of relationships. As we’ve learned, it is in fact true that marriage is on the decline and cohabitation is on the rise. I think that with the divorce rate being so high it makes people—regardless of their age—more hesitant and less secure when making the decision to commit to a relationship that they don’t expect to last forever. I think that it is also a possibility that

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