Research Paper On Being Truthful

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In our legal system, the “truth” is nothing more than what everyone chooses to believe in that exact moment. We are a built-on fraud, something no one can openly admit. We just see these psychological changes in the way we act while telling the lie.
There are hundreds of clues that help people decode whether you are being truthful. This is especially helpful in the police force when working ion cases when you must take all clues into consideration to decide if indeed the person is being truthful. Many factors play a role in deciding whether one is lying or not in this essay you will read about each and everything that affects whether one is being truthful or not.
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Blushing is another factor to consider when someone may be lying. Their emotional gestures are normally off when lying. They do not show as much emotion to anything that is being said, this can be a sign of lying by showing them being on edge. Emotion may also be delayed or may stop suddenly. When someone is faking emotion the movement is limited to their mouth, when someone genuinely smiles you can see the whole face is involved. When you are faking an emotion, you can see that it is forced or more focused just on the mouth and not entire face. This could give away when someone is lying. People tend to nervous laugh when in situations they wish they weren’t, small smirks or laughter throughout the conversation when it should not normally be something to laugh about can show signs of dishonesty.

When speaking the truth, people tend to just come out and say it. When lying, it becomes a lengthy conversation, they don’t give excuses. A lie is something that people fabricate so they give a long drawn out story to make it seem real. A guilty person gets defensive they keep talking and drag their answer on to make it seem as if there are more information and that way they will not forget anything while trying to cover their back. A statement with a contraction is more likely to be truthful than one that does not contain one. Liars sometimes avoid "lying" by not making direct statements. They imply answers instead of denying something up front, this way they are

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